This page is, basically, just for requested topics. Like questions such as “What is our opinion about the Catholic church?” or “Who is your favorite YA author and why?” or “Have you ever been to ______? If so, what’s it like?”. I’ve been thinking a lot about putting this page up cos I don’t know if someone will ask me a random question just for me to blog about it and explain my opinion. Maybe there will be some people who’ll ask me something, I dunno, all I know now is that I’m interested in any topic, and I’m accepting questions so I could expand my imagination, vocabulary and express my thoughts about it. But please, be respectful and as much as possible not too personal. Nobody wants vulgar questions, yes? I want something reasonable, debatable, straight to the point or simply, interesting. I believe that a good question deserves the best answer. So, I’ll be waiting for questions to blog about, okay?

Go on and ask me anything at the comment box. I’d highly appreciate if you ask questions. I’m currently enriching and smoothing my vocabulary and I’d love it if you guys could help. Thanks!

If this page wouldn’t work out and I won’t be getting any questions/requests within a month, then, I’ll take it off.

2 thoughts on “Requests”

  1. What’s your favorite fairy tale and why?
    Why do you write, and do you think it’s worth it?
    Why do you read?
    What would the ideal reader for your stories be like?

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