About Me

  Marian Raymundo

21 years of existence

A bookworm

A passionate reader

A movie geek

A music enthusiast

A couch potato

An animal lover

A wishful singer

A hopeful pianist

A frustrated dancer


I am Marian. I grew up in a small town (and when the rain would fall down? LOL just kidding!) and I’m residing with my mom and siblings. I’m currently taking up Multimedia Arts. Don’t get me wrong, I love my course but my real passion is reading and writing, I should’ve taken Journalism instead. Oh, anyway, I have a not-so-normal family.

I can easily be taken away, or let us say hotheaded, when discussing morally absurd and good/bad-for-the-country-related topics such as the RH Bill being passed on (which is, by the way, I’m PRO) and the Cyber Crime Law being implemented in the Philippines (which I don’t support) and a whole basket full of corruption, poverty and churches stating their opinions, who acts like they have so much power, more than the government has. I am not an atheist, I do believe in God. I believe in His Son and I pray to them. Well, the ones who I don’t believe in are the priests: who acts so much like they should have a say in such things and protest against the government plans. Well, I know they do have rights but please, just continue to spread the word of the Lord and let the government handle the poverty problems. They cannot do much anyway, yes? They could just state their opinions and suggest what things to do, that is it. Ugh, I am now going to stop ranting about them because I may never stop. Anyway, discuss these problems with me and I am ready to be in battle, armor on, guns up lol I am affected so much, in a way, and that makes me irritated and annoyed. I don’t want to be affected, I just want to be the person who wants to watch the world burn but every time I get to hear such news, my head unconsciously formulates thoughts about it and I just find myself discussing the topic with my friends-slash-family members.

Well, moving on, obviously, I love reading books, I love watching movies and I can sing. These are my past time hobbies. I also want to be a writer. Maybe a Young Adult author like some Paranormal, Dystopian, Out-of-this-world kind of books. Fiction. I love reading about fictional characters and imagining them in my head. It gives me hope that there are still perfect men out there LOL of course, I know there isn’t but still, dreaming is free, yeah? Why not dream and dream until you’re full? LOL So yeah, to become one of the best-selling authors would be one of my biggest dreams! I guess I should start writing, now. Well, I think this “About” me is enough. If you want to get to know me, send me a msg.


Here are some sites where you can find me active and responding:





Okay, so that would be all. Please, do follow my blog and my twitter. Comment, suggest and speak up. We have our own free will. Use it. I need some criticizing and guiding. Hell, I’m not perfect. Who is? So, comments are appreciated, just stick to being nice and cool. Rude comments, receive rude replies. Respect begets respect. Well, I hope to talk to wise and reasonable people. Toodles!

7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Well shoot, now I have to follow you, you just quoted one of my favorite songs 😉 just kidding its a cool blog!

  2. Hey, I’m a new follower via Goodreads Blogger Lift, stopping by to say ‘hi’.

  3. fivereflections said:

    Hello marianerika – nice to meet you!

    David in Maine USA

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