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Hello! I have decided to start a 30-day blog challenge, to test the quality of my writing lol joke, seriously this is just to entertain myself and bring life to my rather boring life lol

So, first post for the year of 2014 would be about my blog’s name which is: QUID HABES, QUOD SCRIPSI which literally means “You have anything that I have written”. Why have I chosen this as the title of my blog? Well, basically, everything that I have written and published are for my readers and friends to read. I wouldn’t bother publishing it if I wouldn’t want anyone to read about it, yes? Another frequent question is: Why in Latin? Well, I have always wanted to learn Latin (although I know it has been a dead language for a long while). It just looks so old and fun to read/look at lol

So that is the reason behind the name of my blog site. Bye-uh!