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Whew. It’s that time of the year again, when girls wear bikinis and boys go to the beach to surf or learn how to surf or pretend that they know how to surf lol I am not a big fan of summer, honestly. Never have been. I have always been the “rain person”. I love it when it rains and when the weather is cold. I love staying in my room, on the bed, stuffed with blankets and pillows. Aaaahh, that would be an ideal day plus a hot coffee and a book. Purrr-fect.

I am not hating on summer, though. It’s just that there are reasons why I can’t enjoy it like other friends and people I know. Here’s why:

The beach
– okay, so I prefer the pool over the sea. Is that bad? lol I do not like salty water and when I swim in the beach, I get itchy all over. I also don’t like not knowing what’s under the sea. My mum says those are only rocks and little fishes. LITTLE FISHES. That’s just it. Swimming with the little fishes is not and never gonna be my thing lol And the sea is large, you can be taken by big waves and drown or just bring you far from the city scares me. Yeah, it scares me big time.

The sun
– weird but yes, summer is all about the beach and the sun. Okay, so I hate the beach and the sun. I do not like walking under the 12nn to 2pm sun and I do not like getting sunburned.

The bikini competition
– lol there may not be a competition but all these girls at the beach wear bikinis. The kids, the adults, the girls in different sizes and shapes. It’s not that I don’t like it but it’s just that I couldn’t pull it off and I couldn’t wear one because I am insecure and I just can’t go out in bikini tops and skinny bottoms because I am fat. There, now how can I enjoy summer if I’m in shorts and shirt, yeah?

Malling in the summer
– okay, I love malls, watching movies, shopping, walking around it or just hanging out but going to the mall would be a bit too hard if the temperature is over 30 degrees, yeah? That would be too hot and you’d be too sweaty when you reached the mall. Walking in a hot weather is just going to piss me off and would put me in a bad mood.

Seeee? The reasons why I don’t like summer, are the same reasons why others love it. Though there are two reasons why I love summer:

– whether it’s out of the country or just out of the town, I enjoy riding a van or car and driving to the destination. I don’t know why but nice seeing the views and I enjoy bonding with the people I’m with. Or I just enjoy catching up with lost sleep lol

Ice creams and cold foods
– Given that summer is too hot, you’d need something to cool you down. And that would be ice cream, ice candies, halo-halo and other cold foods that are very popular during the summer!

Alright I have my likes and dislikes, I know you have too. Not all people like the hot weather and the beach. Like me, some people prefer the rainy season. So till next time!