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Hello friends!

After busy days of school work and job hunting, here I am again, writing as if I won’t be doing anything tomorrow lol Anyway, I am here to rant. To rant about people who cannot decide well, about the people who say yes to plans but really means ditching afterwards, about the people who annoy the hell out of me.

What would you feel if you asked someone nicely to come over to your swimming or birthday party, have a sip of coke and rum, catch up, offer them barbecue and just plain hangout, they say yes, then of course, you put them into your guest list or to the people-you-are-expecting-list then when it’s time for the party to start, they cannot be found anywhere. No phone calls, no sms’, nothing to inform you that they couldn’t make it? Isn’t it a bit too frustrating? Wouldn’t you be pissed off about it?

Okay, alright, I get it, you have a lot of work to do and you’re near your deadline or you forgot that it’s your brother’s birthday or you were out with your special someone, he/she asked you out for dinner and a movie but couldn’t you spare a minute, or even seconds, of your time to send an sms that you wouldn’t be able to come anymore? Hell-oh, the people at the party are expecting you, you could’ve at least be respectful enough and told them that you aren’t coming anymore.

Or if you really weren’t even planning to attend in the first place you could’ve just said no. I think that would be better for the both of you, yeah? The host, or your friends, would’ve understood if you were just honest that you have plans on the same date or you don’t have money or you just feel like being alone and not hanging out with people. Or even maybe, if you’re tired hanging out with the same old people. I think saying no would be more respectful than saying yes and then ditching afterwards.

There are lots of ways to tell the host beforehand that you couldn’t make it. Let me enlighten you with some of the ways that I find legit and could be taken under consideration:

Call or SMS the host

        – The most common way of connection nowadays. This may also be the way you were invited to the party. Calling and SMS-ing would be the easiest way to communicate and let the people know why you’re not coming.

Facebook Message

    – Another common way of connection these past few days. I bet almost all of your friends have Facebook accounts. Message them ahead of time so they would be able to read it.


     – I don’t think this is the most convenient way since people don’t really check their emails before a party. But it’s still counted as an effort that you’ve let them know, even if it’s by the most inconvenient way lol

Pass the message thru a common friend

     – Okay, so you cannot come and one of the invited guests is your neighbor. Take a few minutes to go over their house and let him/her pass the message to the group.


Alright, so main point is not to say yes, if you aren’t sure you’re coming to the event or if you aren’t coming at all and you’d just don’t want your friends to be disappointed because you’re saying no or you’re turning their invitation down. Trust me, it’s better to decline sooner that ditch later.

Okay, so that would be all. I am just venting out since I am very frustrated about some people. I would’ve understood if they told me sooner or it would’ve been better if they picked up their phones when I was calling them or SMS-ed me back when I asked them where they were. It’s just so aggravating when you get no reply. You feel unwanted, yes?

Woooooooh! Till my next blog! 🙂