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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Wow. Time sure knows how to fly! 2012 is nearly about to end (like only 4 hours after this post) and we will all be facing and welcoming another new year, 2013. Honestly, 2012 has been a good year to me and my family, not a problem we cannot solve and no other major difficulties came to us. I hope, 2013 would either be the same or be better. I wish nothing more but my family’s (all of them, cousins, aunts, uncles and immediate family members) happiness, good health, prosperous wealth, more love, successful careers, good grades and safety. That is all.

And about the ‘new year’s resolution thingy’ lol I wouldn’t make one this year since I wasn’t able to follow anything last year. As in, literally, not one resolution was solved. So yeah, no new year’s resolution for me this year.

Again, HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! May you all, have a prosperous new year ahead! X

New Year 2012