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This is a quote that I first heard in Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper. A quote that I first read from William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet. A quote that I am trying to live by. A quote that definitely changed my view in life.

The society, today, tends to stereotype people and categorize them into groups such as “The socialites”, “The mean girls”, “The rich kids”, “The smart ass”, “The rebels”, “The geeks”, “The jocks”, “The wannabe’s”, “The emo’s”, “The skaters”, “The dorks”, etc. This happens most with the teens and young adults. Of course, there wouldn’t be a problem if you are categorized as a mean girl or a jock or a smart ass, those are pretty good titles (when you’re in a school campus). But what about the kids that were categorized as the emo’s or the dorks and the wannabe’s? Two things can happen:

First: They will think that they aren’t good enough and are not worthy of any attention at all. They will be insecure and will think lowly of themselves. They will either, stay the way they are and would not do anything to be better. They will be growing up with lots of insecurities and/or kill themselves.

Second: They will try to fit in. They will change their way of living and be that someone, supposedly “a mean girl”, and try to live like them, with their ways, their looks, the way they walk, the way they talk and even the way they dress. They would not act as themselves anymore. Just to be part of a better social group.

Sucks, yes? I have seen this for so many times, in movies, in life, in the news, everywhere. People tend to change themselves to become the person that they are not. They change themselves to be what their friends, schoolmates, teachers and other people surrounding them want them to be. They do it to fit in.

But why would you want to fit in and try to be the person that you are not, just to please some people who could not appreciate the real you? Why would you try to fit in if you could be yourself? And why would you change yourself for some people who were not seeing you as you when you can stay the same and just be you?

I am twenty years old and I have insecurities and imperfections. Insecurities that stopped me and now stops from doing whatever I want to do, from saying the things I want to say, from being the person who I want to be. I have always wanted to sing on stage but of course, I always think that  I am not attractive enough to even set a foot on the first level of the stage’s stairs. I am scared people might laugh at me, mock me, judge me, shout something that is not nice to me and do a lot more horrible things while I am standing there, frozen. I am also fat, I cannot wear the clothes that I want to wear because I am afraid that they might not fit me, afraid that I would just look ridiculous in it. So I stay neutral to what I wear, I stick to jeans, shirts and sneakers. Usual young adult/college outfit. I started smoking cigarettes, when I was in first year college, I was 17. I thought, “Oh the kids my age are smoking, I guess I should try too. I think it’s cool, blah, blah”. And so I started smoking regularly. I also started to drink alcohol with friends and spend some night out with them. I do not like going out, but I do just to catch up.

You see? All the things you do to gain friends. You are not even sure, until about now, if they are your friends. You spent days impressing them, smoking and drinking with them, praising them and then what? After everything, when you stop doing the things that they do, they would forget about you and proceed as if you weren’t there, as if you do not exist. Your efforts will be put into trash.

So, why don’t we all just stop pretending to be someone we are not and start being ourselves. We need not to be friends who could not accept us for who we are. We need not to pretend that we are this or we are that. Let us just ourselves, you be yourself and I’ll be me.

Well, I am a bookworm, a love reading books and writing reviews. I love blogging and writing down my thoughts. I love fiction, young adult, contemporary romance, sci-fi novels and English literature. I, obviously, adore William Shakespeare and Jane Austen. I love watching TV shows such as Doctor Who, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, New Girl and a lot more. I have no particular genre when it comes to TV shows. I watch what I like. I also love shooting and editing videos. Making short films. I love taking simple photographs. I would love to learn how to bake and cook. I am wiling to take up lessons in baking and cooking. I love playing The Sims 3. I love to sing in the shower, in the karaoke bar with friends, in my room, in our living room with my family, in the car, everywhere! (Just not on stage lol)

Well, this is who I am so this is who I will be. I will continue to be the imperfect me. No one is perfect. We all have flaws. Insecurities will still be there, it would be hard to take away and to overcome but I know it will eventually be gone once I build up my confidence in doing the things I love. I won’t force anyone to be friends with me, neither will I be forced to like anyone and be their friend. I will be true to my words, I will be true to myself. If I am not liked then I will do nothing, it is your problem anyway, not mine. So, as my inspiration had once said, “This above all: To thine own self be true.” I will live by this forever, with my heart, with my mind, with my words and with my soul. I will forever be true to myself.