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*Calming myself* *Calm* *Calm* Hello! I am pissed off at the moment (but I couldn’t say anything worse than motherfork or beefloaf) because of what is happening in my country. They made a new law that would make the Filipinos angry, especially the people who are fond of using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They, the government or the people who they hire to do so, could easily have access into your private account and private messages, they could exploit everything and make everyone see what is happening to you. Isn’t that the worst thing you can experience when you’re one of the people who are using the said sites? I mean, hello! Everyone wants their own privacy, yes? And just because of one senator who felt like he was bullied and virtually abused because of his plagiarized speech, we will all have to suffer and be exposed.
If what the news said is true, that he plagiarized his speech, isn’t that a crime worth putting to jail? I am just saying because I think it is unfair that he could go walking around like he had done nothing and copied nothing, yes? And what, when this law is approved the people who would just post, comment and re-post stuff on Facebook can be put to jail in, like, 12 years? Whoa. Where is the justice here, people? Where. Is. The. Justice.

I don’t think it’s fair for the government to take away the people’s choice to use the social networking sites, I mean, it is their right to speak for themselves and talk to their friends via Facebook and do whatever they want in the internet because:<br>

1.) They pay for it. They pay so they can use it, whether it’s for homework, or for socializing, or for saying the truth or for copying speeches, they have their rights to access the internet because they paid. Now what will happen with Smart, Globe and other more internet providers? They will lose costumers.

2.) Freedom of Speech. Isn’t it a human right that couldn’t be taken away from you? You have your own thoughts, own mind, own way of speaking for yourself. What if your way of speaking is via blogging? You write about your current situation, you write about the books you just read, you write about what happened today and would just like to share it to your followers just because, you write about how wonderful life is and quote an author and a senator copies it. Like me, I blog when I feel like writing, I blog when I’m bored. This is my hobby, writing is my passion. Will the law take it away from me? Yes it would. That is why I am against it.
And what could this law possibly do to us? Oh not much, just these:

1.) We could not speak for ourselves. If you are pissed off to someone, you cannot tell him to shut the fuck up or go to hell anymore LOL You are limited to what you should say. Motherfork!

2.) They could possibly ban the social networking sites. No Facebook. No Twitter. No 9gag. Okay, so no more connections to your family abroad. No more saying ‘hi’ to the people who are miles away from you. They should’ve given more thought to this. Not all people use Facebook just to flaunt them boobies and show them butts, but a lot of people use this to communicate with their families abroad or in the province. Now what? They are going to use Skype lol And I don’t even know if Skype is still legal to use here in the Philippines.

3.) No more torrent and file sharing. To all the people who download stuff via torrent. Say goodbye to it now. You may never be able to use it again.

4.) Your messages in Facebook, if ever they don’t get it banned and just decided to monitor it, will be out in public. From the year 2010 up to date will be shown to everyone. Hurray!

5.) You can be thrown to jail just by liking a post, sharing a picture, posting something liberated and re-posting something liberated that your friend has posted. And if I were you, I’ll bring my pajamas and a twelve-year supply of coffee because you will probably stay in jail for that long when you are caught liking and sharing a post.

And here’s more, okay I saw this post on Facebook posted by PIFA (Philippine Internet freedom Alliance) who were looking were looking for supporters and petitioners and I just thought the information is useful so therefore I am posting it here to inform everyone who’ll be reading this.

I signed a petition or two already *yay* I hope it isn’t too late to trash this law and focus on some other big time problems such as corruption and poverty.
Anyway, You know what pisses me off most? Is that the government tolerated the plagiarism act and still abides with most likely, the law maker, who is also the one who plagiarized his speech. Twice. Seriously? Plagiarism is an act of stealing. And just like the commercial in the cinemas. STEALING IS AGAINST THE LAW. Just like buying pirated DVD’s and Cd’s. Only in this concern, he is a senator and supposed to be a role model to the Filipino citizens. Someone to look up to, you know? But I don’t think I’ll ever look up to someone who signed-slash-made a law that would take away my freedom to blog and to say the things I feel like saying.

And wait, now, I am reading some things in Facebook that they weren’t able to review the whole law, just the part of which needed their concern? Jeez. Isn’t it your job to review laws and any provisions regarding it. Because if not, whose job is it then? Please be responsible enough. Don’t risk the people’s trust in the government.

If this continues, I probably would get out of the country and find my privacy elsewhere. And I doubt I’ll ever say that I am proud to live in the Philippines. The government system is just something that I couldn’t be proud of. Politicians get to be over-emotional and thinks that the whole country is conspiring against them then *kaboom!* a new law that will deprive you of your privacy and of your freedom to state whatever it is on your mind has been implemented in your country. Sucks to think that the government didn’t think about this well enough. Now, I also doubt that people will trust them again. I, for one, will not.

Trust has been damaged. Hope is now faltered. The actions of our government speaks for the whole country. We are corrupt and we don’t do anything about it. Instead of helping the poor and making poverty our prioritized economic problem, they do this. This is very sad. I just hope they know what they are doing. And this law is just a mashed potato. Couldn’t think of a better term lol

Lol but there is still hope! Tenenen!

Case Doctrines Section 4- Constitution. No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

To know more about the Philippine Bill of rights, read this:


Well, I don’t usually rant. I blog about stuff that makes me happy, about the books that I read and about something that challenges my mind to think and write. But this issue, is just beyond my anger limit and I need it out of my mind, even for a short while.