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Prompt: List the 8 worst things to say to a person who just got dumped.

In relationships, breakups and cool-offs can never be avoided because misunderstandings and wrong interpretation of actions are always there. And sometimes, when girls are on their period, things get heated up in an argument. They tend to be hot-headed and jump into conclusions and voila! The next thing you know, the couple are breaking up. And when they do, they’ll run to someone close to them for comfort or advice. You might be one of them, so here are seven worst things that should not be said to a person who just got dumped.

1. “Wanna hook-up? *wink*” – Some friends do this. Too insensitive. What the fucking fuck, man? She just got dumped. Try to give her some space. She needs time to think and to decide when she’s going to date again. If one of your friends do this to you, he/she doesn’t care that much about how you feel, at the moment. Hang out with other friends and leave him be.

2. “I was wondering the whole span of your relationship when you’ll realize that you’re not meant to be together!” – uh-oh, wrong response. Of course, your friend will ask you why you thought of that and you’re gonna have to explain yourself. Then you might end up saying that he is too ugly for her. Your friend might get offended because she still loves the guy and cry even more or she wouldn’t come to you for advice any longer.

3. “Isn’t there a bit of a chance to getting back together? Call him and ask.” – Uhm, you might just end up giving false hope to your friend. This advice will just make her more upset if the ex-lover doesn’t want to be with them anymore.

4. “Here, drink some vodka! This will calm your nerves!” – We all know that for every broken heart there should be at least a glass of wine or something hard to accompany the broken-hearted. Yes, a drink or two sounds good, at the moment, but you don’t want to see your friend grinding somewhere public at 1am, or stripping outside your front door! Be a good friend and just let them stay at home and drink milk instead lol

5. “Sean is beside me, sorry I can’t talk. We might wake him up!” – Not a wise response, at all. She just got dumped and called her most trusted friend for comfort and then what? You’ll say that you and your boyfriend are sleeping together and you might wake him up? You didn’t just chose him over your friend, you also rubbed the fact that you still have your man beside you and she didn’t have hers. This will upset her more!

6. “I told you before, I do not like him for you!” – She will ask you why you don’t like him and I think whatever you say to her, even negative comments about the guy he was dating, she’ll argue with you and would tell you how nice he is or how strong his muscles are when he flexes or he smells so good after sex. Ugh.

7. “Yeah? So he was dating that girl I saw with him in the mall!” – You’ll only make your friend feel more devastated and she’ll be insecure. She’ll think she’s ugly for the rest of her life. Besides, you aren’t sure if he’s really dating the bitch so shut it. It’s not worth seeing your friend cry because she thinks she was replaced.

8. “Please, *name of friend*, get over it! There are lots of men out there. Just go find a decent one and try not to date another asshole!” – This response is just so mean. She needs comfort and an understanding friend, not a whiny-annoyed-friend. She doesn’t want anyone, at the moment. All she wants is the guy who dumped her. Would she seek comfort if she doesn’t?

Okay, so whatever happens, if a ‘dumped’ friend seeks your advice and your soft, sweet words, DO NOT EVER TELL THESE TO THEM. If you really really really care about their feelings, you really wouldn’t let these words slip out of your mouth. They are in need of a friend, okay? And a friend’s job is to put a smile on the face of a sad friend. Be sensitive enough and think about this, if it ever happened to you, would you like your friends to tell these to you? xx