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Prompt: Close your eyes briefly, think of one object that’s in the room. Without opening your eyes, recall as much detail as you can. In 3 minutes or so, write about that object without looking at it.
Drum roll! *dugudugudugudugudun*

Okay, so the first thing that came into my mind when I closed my eyes was our personalized lampshade LOL So it wasn’t really personalized, we bought it in a local mall. Its stand is black and its cover is flesh. FLESH! This is utterly plain and boring if you’re not a minimalist so my sister and I decided to draw on it. We used colored pens and drew a family: with mom, dad, big sister #1, big brother, big sister #2 and baby sister. Obviously, that would be our whole family. We also drew a rainbow with blue clouds under it lol It did not actually end up pretty because the surface of the lamp cover is not really the type to be drawn on by colored pens so it currently looks smudged and ugly. We are thinking of replacing it with another nicer lamp since it looks like something that belong in a garbage can now LOL Okay, so this is as far as I could remember about our ‘personalized’ lampshade. The rule was not to look at it, at the moment so I couldn’t say more. Adios!