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Hi, so I always have been ‘the girl with the long hair’ ever since I was born LOL and with long, I mean my hair always fall from my shoulders to the middle of my back (lol that’s how the salons level the longness of your hair). I wanted it to reach my ass but it doesn’t grow anymore or if it does it’s taking too long so I got bored with it and decided to cut it… on my own. Yes, I do cut my own hair. I only visit salons for hair-coloring and no more. So here was my hair before:

Long, isn’t it? It falls down up to lowest part of my back, above my ass. I’ve enjoyed this long hair for almost a year (or more than) and I think it’s getting duller. That’s why I cut it. And here is my hair now:

So tell me, did I make a wrong decision into cutting it? Lol cos personally, I like my new short do but I kinda miss my long, wavy hair. I can’t do hair flips anymore lol well, I still can but it’s funny cos it’s short now.

Why did I cut my hair, you ask?

1. I got bored with my long hair. Actually, I was just planning on cutting it up to my shoulders but when I did, it all looked wrong so I decided to cut it shorter, which was better than my first cut.

2. I wanted a new look. As I’ve said, I have been ‘the girl with the long hair’ since forever and so I thought, why not cut it for a change, yeah? And so I did.

3. Why did I cut it on my own, you say? Well, I have lost my faith with the salon hairstylists LOL Well, I’ve had various experiences to which I asked them to trim only the ends of my hair but when they’re finished it ends up just below my shoulders. Frustrating, yes? Trim should only be like 1 to 2 inches long. And I’ve had this experience where I asked to style my hair, layered, the shortest hair layer should just level with my shoulder, but they cut it shorter. Well, it looked good on me, what they did. My only issue is that they don’t do what you want them to do with your hair, YOUR HAIR. They should know how to follow what the customer says, yes? So from then on, my frustrations had been the key to realizing that I can do my own hair. I style it the way I want and I flaunt it. And also, no one is to blame but myself if things get ugly.

How did I cut it?

Well, I got a pair of scissors and faced our bathroom mirror. I hold out my hair and started to cut away. I cut my hair with the scissors end point facing your head (it works better that way, it will give a layered effect and your hair won’t end up with straight ends). I just kept on cutting and looking at the mirror until I find my desired cut. Then voila! After cutting, I clean the bathroom floor (Trust me, it would be so messy and it would be hard to clean because the floor is wet and the hair will stick out, better do it on a dry floor lol) and I shower. I blow dry my hair and see if anything needs some repair. Then there it is. Cutting your own hair takes time and patience. You’ll be standing in your bathroom for like 30 – 45 minutes. And the hard part is cutting the back part of your hair. You can’t really see if it’s okay or messy or whatever, you need to do it sideways. So there, that’s how I cut my hair.

So that’s the life story of my hair lol honestly, I love my hair now, despite its shortness. It really is easier for me when I go to school, you know, before when I had long hair, I wait for it to get dry for like 20-30 minutes before I leave home (cos it’s irritating when you leave home with wet hair) but now, I only wait for like 10 minutes to have it all dried up. So I save some time preparing my hair for school. But some people couldn’t really appreciate it *ehem* mum *ehem* LOL she wanted me to go to a salon and get it fixed. But I say no LOL (very hardheaded of me)


You see, I do what I want and I follow my instincts. I don’t care if some people hates my hair or judges me or questions pop into their heads like “why the fuck did she cut her long hair? Is she nuts?”. I don’t care. I just do what I feel like doing and say whatever you guys want, I’m not gonna give a fuck about it. Just accept and move on with me LOL

My questions (you guys are free to answer):

– Is there an psychological meaning to cutting your own hair? If so, fill me in. I have no idea what it is. I might be a possible psycho-in-the-making and cutting my one’s own hair is its first symptom LOL

– So is my short do better than my long waves? LOL