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Yes. A few TV shows keep me company for the past few weeks. Thought I just needed a little break from reading books. Found peace with TV series’. For now, I love The Secret Circle, Revenge and Pretty Little Liars. I love the twists and turns of each story.

The Secret Circle

All about Cassie Blake, who discovered that she is a witch and comes from a family of witches after her mother died. She is searching for answers and found some in her mother’s hometown, at Chance Harbor, where she lives with her grandmother, Jane Blake. She tried to live a normal life but then got approached by fellow witches, Adam Conant, Diana Meade, Faye Chamberlain, Melissa Glaser and Nick Armstrong. They explained to her what she really is, which is a full-blooded witch, and that they have to bind their circle to control their power and of course, they told her to keep it a secret from everyone, even to their parents. They think that the fewer who knows, the more they can think of what happened 16-years ago. There more but I wouldn’t bore you guys into telling the whole story of The Secret Circle. Find out yourself. I’m telling you, if you’re into paranormal romance and witches then The Secret Circle is perfect for you!


All about Amanda Clarke, who changed her name to Emily Thorne, who wants to avenge her father’s death. She had known that the Greyson’s, a wealthy family who lives at the Hamptons, had setup a plan to put her father into prison which caused his death. Amanda was kept in an institution until she was 18, believing that her father had done the crimes that had been put up into his name. But when she came out, she knew that her father was innocent and had received a box full of her dad’s stuff. Wanting revenge, she moved at the Hamptons, at her father’s beach house where she had spent a summer before he was a arrested. She had a relationship with the Greyson’s son, Daniel, and had fallen for him. Likewise on my post above, I wouldn’t spoil you too much. What happens next? You gotta find out for yourself.

Pretty Little Liars

Well, I haven’t really gone so far with this series. I just started episode 1 and it caught me. I still have no idea what this is about but I will soon update this LOL In the mean time, join me in watching this πŸ˜‰

So there, I have not really forgotten about books, I’ll be back to reading in no time!