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Is it ever so wrong to be with to the one you admire?

Or to even so slightly tremble to see him from afar

As I tried to come closer, I got tied with a wire

So I spent my nights drinking casually in a bar


My friends don’t mention anything

They don’t even know what’s happening

I’m trying to hide it deep inside

And wish that the hurt would subside


I couldn’t get over the fact that I was left behind

I have no other option but to feel resigned

Everyone who tried to help has been declined

Even I, myself, don’t know what’s on my mind


Now, it has been a long time

All I smell are smoke and burnt lime

I have moved on but my heart is still not ready

I’m still trying my best to hold it down and make it steady


But I know that when the time comes I’ll feel something again

I know what to do and keep hold of everything by then

To love is like jumping off a jet plane

It’s do or lose everything and do something insane



Marian XX