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Instead, I ended up updating my blog and playing Temple Run. Ever since I got my Ipad, I had become distant to my books. I don’t know but it is such a great distraction that even the one thing I love doing the most is being blocked and being included in the I-can-do-that-tomorrow list. See? I love reading, all of you readers and followers know that cos I blog most about books and their reviews but distractions came and I was blown away LOL I should get back to reading and spending less time with my Ipad. Well, a friend suggested that I should read Ebooks instead of actual books cos I have already have an Ipad and that would be most accurate and most efficient idea, to switch from printed books to Ebooks. But I said no, cos I don’t feel like reading with a tablet and my eyes hurt when exposed too long on an LCD screen. And I love the smell of newly bought books from the bookstore. Don’t you? I mean, it is the most relaxing and nostalgic smell that I’ve ever inhaled LOL but true it is, I love actual books and I will never ever switch to electronic reading.
Oh God, I don’t know if I’m lazy or I just don’t like doing what I’m doing but I just can’t get myself to do the things that I should be doing right now. My course is boring the fuck out of me and I am not interested in anything that I’m doing except Web Designing and Video Editing. I’ve always liked to learn how to design and create webpages so I plan to make this my major course. Multimedia Arts is just too broad for me. Web designing, I could handle, Video Editing is okay, Photography, not a problem, but 2d animation, 3d animation and doing interactive games? Oh no, please, I can draw but not the kind of drawing that you see in cartoons and animes. All too much for me LOL Sorry I just had to rant. I know I was wrong in picking this course cos I’m not good with anything related to it and it is all my fault. I should’ve expected the worst LOL and I should’ve researched more before choosing this field. I know it’s called MULTIMEDIA ARTS cos it has a lot of fields and a major of none. I shouldn’t be surprised in seeing myself doing things that I don’t really like. I chose this and I should out my all in this. And also, it is too late for me to shift courses. I’m in my 3rd year now and graduating real soon plus we’ve wasted so much money on this now, might as well finish it. I should’ve shifted when I was in my 2nd year in college. Oh, might as well live up to this course that I chose. I can still put effort in doing the stuffs that I should be doing. I know it only takes a little pushing, interest and determination. Well, good luck to me.