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Happy New Year to us all!


It is January 1st, we are all celebrating the new year that has come: 2012. I know all of us didn’t have a wonderful 2011. Some may have had a sad and tragic one, some may have had a moderate and okay-I’ll-go-with-the-flow year and some may have had the best year of their lives. Mine’s the second one. I didn’t have a tragic one and I didn’t also have great one. I was just okay with things though I’m happy with family and friends, I know there is something missing, something that I lack that even I do not know about. So I’m here to post the highlight of my previous year, 2011.

Highlights of the year 2011:

1. A new earthling at our home ♥

We had a new living human at home and I love her so much. A new baby sister that changed me into being a better sister myself and a baby-sitter LOL I have never had experienced changing one’s diaper before. I am only nineteen, I have no child and if I visit a friend who has her baby now, they do not make me change their children’s diaper. What kind of friend does that, yeah? LOL So a new level of experience has come to me. I learned how to change diapers, I learned how to make milk, I learned how to be sweeter (cos I was sweet enough before LOL) and I have become more patient. Having a baby at home is no joke, you have to be very attentive in order for her to stay on the bed and not fall LOL You have to be full of wacky-crazy-fun ideas to make the baby laugh (and I swear, hearing them laugh takes all your worries away) You have to be a role model LOL Okay enough of this.

2. A changed mailing address

A new home has always been difficult to get used to. Of course, I have lived at our old home for like, 9 years and then just leave like that? And it is not as easy because we are now living in a condominium so everything is monitored. Every LITTLE thing is monitored. Like, you cannot put a “Welcome” Rug outside your door. Like, you cannot paint the walls outside a different color. Like, you have to go up and down when you buy groceries. Like, you have to control down your voice, or TV volume to not disturb the neighbors. A lot has been different but we are getting used to in now. We are living here for 10 months and so far, I still have my good impression in condominiums.

3. Books, yes, my life would suck without them

I have read and bought so may books this past year. I have read during my break time, before I go to sleep, when I wake up, when I’m encountering my most boring times. If even possible I’d be reading when in class. I have loved books before but the past year had made me more attached to books. It bonded me with it. Books had played a very big part in my life, for without it I’d be bored to death and I might have died now LOL exaggerated but true. If given a chance to read for a whole week, I’d gladly take the offer LOL

4. Maco ♥

Oh, ever since I’ve been with him, my life had been better. He’s always there when I needed to be happy, always there to help me with my projects, assignments and other stuffs. Maco had been mine since last June 1. He hadn’t given me any problems at all. He has always been good LOL Okay, Maco is my 15″ inch Macbook Pro. I just have recently switched from Windows to Mac and like what my other friends who have their own Macbooks, it is indeed easier and fun to use. It is a bit heavier but who cares? If your laptop offers a Photobooth where you can take  lot of pictures of yourself or with your friends, you wouldn’t want anything more LOL Maco is my baby and he’ll be taken care of.

5. Multimedia Arts

I have always doubted myself with the field that I’m taking. I have always thought that I do not fit my course, that I have chosen the wrong track, that I have wronged myself and now my life is destroyed but after a term of full hell and projects all due in a week and no one is willing to help me do it and I’m stuck with myself. I have now come to realize that I have not done my best. I’m slacking of and I might do well if I kick in and bust the energy and determination in. Okay, 2011 had made me realize that. I could have done my best earlier but still, I’d hug my course and be good with it from this day on.


My New Year’s Resolution (I hope I could discipline myself and do these):

1. Go on a diet and be STRICT about it. I always say that I’ll go on a diet but I couldn’t. I love eating as much as I love reading LOL Anyway, now I’ll try my best to resist.

2. Read more books. Okay, so this is given. Even without including it here, I obviously will read a lot more than I did last year.

3. Be thrifty and save $$$. I have always been the “poor” one among me and my siblings. Mom gives us money equally and I tend to spend it all in one day. Now I promise to be thrifty and not buy anything that isn’t worth it.

4. Write more. So I’ve always dreamt of being a ‘best-selling author of whatever novel’ LOL And I tend to pursue that. For now, I have to practice on writing and writing and writing whether it is a poem, a short story, a fan-fiction or a novella. I love blogging but I know this isn’t enough practice. I will write more.

5. Not fail a class. So this would be hard, considering all the projects and my standard in school. I mean, I’m no good in arts and I’m having a hard time coping up with it but I’ll try my best not to fail.

6. Focus on my studies. Given the ‘Not fail a class’ resolution. This one goes with it.

7. Lessen my vices. As a nineteen year-old, I do have vices. That’s all, thank you LOL

8. Be productive. In whatever way, I’ll try to be productive and earn money on my own. I’LL TRY.

9. Eat more veggies and fruits. Lessen the sweet stuffs. Self explanatory. I’m going to be on a diet.

10. Never to be lazy, ever, again. LOL this one’s hard. It’s in my nature but oh well, for the sake of my future and myself. I won’t be lazy.


Oh-kayyy so I can’t think of anything anymore. I told you that my 2011 was boring yet fun. How can that be possible? When you have a loving family and friends who are always there, I can’t see why it can not? So I bid 2011 goodbye and I welcome 2012 with open arms. I hope everyone would have a great and prosperous new year. I hope we all get what we need and what we desire. Let us start the year with a smile and good vibes. To a new year full of health, wealth, love, hope and a bit of everything, cheers! *clink*



XO, Marian *smile*