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So I have had a class discussion about Homosexuality in one of my previous classes last term. And I remembered about it and thought of sharing my thoughts here in my blog. As far as humanity is concerned, there isn’t anything wrong with being homosexual or bisexual.


Well, I have a number of gay friends. I also have some lesbian friends. And I accept them for who they are and who they love or who they want to be with. Of course, my gay friends are interested with guys and my lesbian friends are interested with girls. That is what they desire so I don’t really mind, I mean, it is what they want so what can I do? We just have to respect each other. And treat each other right because we are all human and we have the right to love who we want and to be loved by the another whether it’s male to male or female to female or male to female. I know, a lot of people find homosexuals repulsive and undesirable because of their sexual preferences. Hey, what is wrong in being gay? Okay so he likes men, what is wrong? You are disgusted because two men kiss? Why? What are the parts of the body being used while they do so? Lips, Tongue and Mouth. Just like what a girl and a guy use when they kiss. And if their hands are linked, what is the matter? It is just the same as a girl and a boy holding hands. The only thing is, they are both men. But if they kiss and hold hands, that means they are into each other or has feelings for each other so why do we have to object and put ourselves between them telling them that they aren’t supposed to be together? Because it is not right? Why isn’t it right? What makes it wrong? What makes it so faulty that people have to call themselves ‘homophobic’ just to let them know that they hate homosexuals and they wish them not to exist?


Dude, don’t give me the God-had-only-made-two-sexes-and-we-shall-stick-to-that-freaking-idea as a reason because that ain’t gonna work for me. So God made two sexes, male and female. Gays are obviously male because they have penis’ and Lesbians are female because they have vaginas, still got a problem? There are still two sexes and we are stuck to just having two. Being gay and lesbian doesn’t make you another sex. We can never make another one. Maybe what you meant was gender. Genders are Masculine and Feminine. Gays are feminine and Lesbians are masculine. That explains that gays are more tender than straight men. And lesbians tend to be more vigorous than straight women. Gays feel like women, they need like women, they love like women and so are lesbians are like men. They prefer the same sex.


Oh can we just not judge homosexuals when we first see them? Can we know a homosexual first before telling them they’re dirty and they’re a damnation that the whole world needs to deal with and that they deserve nothing else but to rot in hell? Can we? Yes. I’ve heard two men cursing gays and swearing that they should all die while I was commuting for school. That pained me because I have friends who are gays. And they don’t deserve to rot in hell because they, actually, are decent people. More decent than straight guys breaking a woman’s fragile heart because they think they’re so hot they just want to see someone crying over them. I don’t have anything against men, you know, but hey, isn’t it true? A lot of men, and I’m not saying all of you, have broken a woman’s heart just because they want to test their masculinity. Or sometimes, it happens because of bets. I happens in real life. And I know reality sucks. So those men who have unsettled anger with homosexuals. Get it over with. They can’t be as bad as you guys make them seem to be. Gays are actually fun to be with people, their physicality is male but they talk and think like women. I love that about them.


So yeah, before we judge anybody, let us know them first. Homosexuals or not, they deserve better than a gossip that isn’t totally true. Or if you can’t help yourself to judge people, then keep it to yourself or just with your most trusted friends. You might not like it when a rumor spreads and came out first from you, wouldn’t you? And please, homosexuals are good people. Again, I’m not saying all of them but try to hang out with them or treat them better. They deserve more than a paragraph of gossip full of profanity and bad language. You might want to try to be open-minded. There are lots of homosexuals all over the world and you never know when they’ll be full of your hurtful words and they just decide to throw you on a cliff because you lack respect. Yes. Respect is all that matters in a world full of different people who thinks unlikely like the other. So if you want to be respected, you know what to do.