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I am not referring about brokenness, one which you’ll be left alone by the person you love and describe your heart as ‘being shattered’ or ‘is tearing apart’. I am talking about the other breaking of the heart, one where you’ll be giving a part of it to someone and another part of it to someone else. Loving two people at once, this is what it’s all about. I’ve quite grown weary of the books that I’ve read which consists of three people, two boys and a girl. Both guys would fall for the girl and she falls for both.

For instance, Isabella Marie Swan or Bella as we all call her, from one of the most criticized movies worldwide, Twilight. She has Edward and Edward has her. They belong to each other. Then Jacob breaks in. Falling in love with her, knowing that she is in love with another guy. Why on earth does he have to push himself farther? And why did Bella mused over him? Can’t she just be loyal and stick with Edward? Is it that hard to do? Well, we all know that Edward is somehow to be blame because he left her alone, yeah? But still, she loves her and she should have known better. She should have waited and just ignored Jacob.

And another, Tessa Gray from The Infernal Device, The Clockwork Angel. She had to choose between William Herondale and James Carstairs. She had fallen in love in Will’s witty personality, handsome face, love for poetry and openness first and then to Jem’s nice words, sweet smile and long patience. She should have just let herself be in love with Will, even if sometimes he’s a pain in the ass. And Jem is ill. He is sick and dying. She knows that and I think she only agreed to marry him to make him happy because all his life he was lonely and patient enough not to be mad at the world. So she did it out of pity and concern and not because of love. Of course, she loves him as a friend but her heart screams Will’s name. So why the wait? Why not just go to Will and leave Jem? Afraid that she might just hurt him or even get him mad at her? It would be so! But prolonging things won’t make it easier for all of them. He would be hurt still and be mad at her. Whatever ways she would have to do, it would end up getting one of them hurt and mad. Another example of this is Meghan Chase of the Iron Fey series. Torn between Ashallyn Darkmyr’ Tallyn and Robin Goodfellow. And Clarissa Fray from The Mortal Instruments, torn between Simon and Jace.

What I’m saying is, is it possible to love two people at once? Is it even logical? Is it right? I say, no to all. You cannot love another person if your love for the first one is enough. You can’t be looking for another man if the man you have with you has everything you need. Of course, if you have loved another then something must  be wrong with your first love, correct? If you have learned to love another then you must be slowly slipping away from the one you have loved first. Still, that says, you cannot love two people at once. You love the second more because it is with him that you find what you’re looking for. It is with him that  you give your lost feeling to. And also, it isn’t right and it wouldn’t be fair. Sooner or later you’ll have to choose and it’s better if you choose sooner rather than later. I know you need time to choose between who you love more or who you really want to be with but as long as you have not decided yet, the longer it will have to run. The longer they would both love you more and the longer you will be confused. The longer it takes, the deeper the feelings get. And by then, you won’t know who to choose. As they always have said, be fair to the one you love. And must I say, that loving two persons, even in secrecy, even if you are only keeping it to yourself is cheating. You are cheating your feelings for the other one. If you have decided to love another man, then leave the other. You cannot keep them both close to you with your feelings like that. You cannot make them close to each other as well. So, for me, you cannot possibly be in love with two people at once.