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Title: Breaking Dawn

Directed By: Bil Condon

Producers: Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt, Stephenie Meyer

Screenplay by: Melissa Rosenberg

Music by: Carter Burwell

Release Date: November 18, 2012

Budget: $110 million

My review:

Okay, so before I start let me show you the Breaking Dawn official poster! *clap clap clap*

Let me tell you how amazing this movie is. I’m not telling you this because I’m a Twilight fan, I’m telling you this because it is amazing! So much better than the crappy adaptation of the first book: Twilight. Everything went well. From Edward and Bella’s wedding, to their honey moon, to the unexpected pregnancy, to Bella’s delivery and to her… death LOL

So you see, they became one, Edward and Bella. They had their honeymoon on Isle Esme, which is a gift from Carlisle. The place is so damn beautiful. I want to go there sometime, IF Carlisle allows it LOL So they had done all the possible things that new weds do, which is of course to have sex, break the bed, Bella wears sexy lingerie, swim at the beach, jump at cliffs and of course, play chess with red and white pieces. (No, no, no. We didn’t notice that you made it like that to point out why that was the cover of the book.) And then there comes Bella’s vomiting, she remembers she’s delayed for her period and thought she might be pregnant. And, she is! Edward was so worried and mad, they had to leave so soon and go back to Forks. And Edward want to abort the baby because he believes that it is a monster and it is only killing Bella. Yeah, he’s very supportive.

They reached home and Bella’s tummy was unbelievably huge. Jacob heard of the news and visited. He was so frustrated, he had to leave, transform into a wolf and communicate with Sam and the whole pack. They said they have to kill the baby cos not part of their treaty lalala and so Jacob went back to the Cullens, warned them and protected Bella. Well, if it isn’t for him they wouldn’t have known! It’s only right to protect Bella and her baby from them because if he hadn’t told them, there wouldn’t be an attack. Jacob left Sam’s pack along with Seth and Leah,and they decided to guard Bella’s house.

As Bella gets skinnier and sicker by the minute (and that is one ugly Bella, I’m telling you!), Carlisle checks out on her and tells her that she wouldn’t make it if she continues. She said she doesn’t care as long as the baby lives. Edward got mad, telling her that she didn’t consult for his opinion about the baby. She only did what she want and walked out.

Then Edward voiced Jacob’s thoughts and told them to feed her blood because that is what he thought the baby wants. And they did. Bella drank blood, yes I know that’s just disgusting when you’re human and she liked the taste of it. She became healthier after that, so she feeds on it often. Bella told them the stupid baby names, as Rosalie called it, that she want. If it is a boy, they’ll name him, EJ, for Edward Jacob (hahahaha) and if it is a girl, she wants, Renesmee. Then Bella’s delivery starts. She was with Rosalie, Alice, Edward and Jacob when she was “dying”. Carlisle, Esme and Emmett were hunting to get ready for battle because they haven’t eaten for several days.They cut her tummy to take the baby out because they have no choice. They got the baby, and it was a girl.

And Bella’s condition got worse. Edward couldn’t move on and injects her with his venom. Nothing happened. Jacob got out of the room and went for the baby to kill it, believeing that it was her who killed Bella. But when he reached Rosalie and the baby, he pauses and felt something, knowing to himself that he had just imprinted on Renesmee. The wolves charged and their goal is to kill the baby. Jacob stands in their way and Edward voiced out his thoughts once again, telling them all the Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee. And so Sam’s pack left and retreated.

They were back in the house, Edward was woriried that his venom did not take its effect but Carlisle reassured him that it did. They all left and Bella transformed from white to pale, from pale lips to red and from brown hair to bronze. And when she opened her eyes, it was red, the eyes of a newborn vampire.

Wow! Did I just told you guys the whole story? LOL Anyway, it really is a good movie. And oh, just wanted to say, I’m not a Twilight-Movie fan. I’m a Twilight-Book fan. And yes, I kinda hate how Twilight was executed. It lacks a lot of scene. But then again, a director can’t do everything in the book cos if he does then we’ll be watching a 24-hour movie. And I just don’t get it why people hate the movie. Is it because of the actors? Why? What is wrong with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, I hear every one is saying they’re gay. Handsome gays, huh? Or is it because they compare it to Harry Potter? Well, this one I don’t get cos Harry Potter is so much different if compared to Twilight. Sorcerer’s and Vampires? NOT TO BE COMPARED. And about the last movie having two parts, got a problem with that? LOL Breaking Dawn has two parts. Two parts. Two parts. Two parts. Two parts. So the movie can be cut into two. It just became controversial because Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was also made into two movies. And so people compared them. Again. Oh you guys, stop the hate and start to love. You’re benefiting from it anyway. But then I know that haters are gonna hate, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, they’ll think of what they want and hate anyway. Oh well, I suggest you guys watch it. It’s worth it.

BTW, the official soundtrack of Breaking Dawn is “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars! *clap clap clap*