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So I was invited to a write-a-long topic in Goodreads where members have to write after a given prompt. It was fun, really. This is my first time to try it and I had fun thinking of a story. I didn’t make it too long cos readers might get bored and just leave my entry out. I would not want that, would I? And I also participated because I love Disney Princesses! LOL I know, I’m big enough to forget about them but hey, they are my childhood companions and I will forever treasure them. Well, the prompt is:

Write your ending to the Cinderella story – but this time, make it so that the shoe fit one of the wicked step-sisters. What does Prince Charming do? How does Cinderella cope with it? And what about the Fairy Godmother? Start your story from Prince Charming coming into their house with the shoe to be tried on by the sisters. Remember to play with your imagination. Turn it into any kind of story you want, whether it be into horror, fantasy, comedy etc.

My story:

There was a knock at the front door.

I hurried myself to answer the person waiting. I was caught off guard to see the Palace Prince with his jester and royal guards.  I immediately stepped back to welcome them inside. “Good day, miss. Where is the Lady of the house?” asked the jester, who looks around the house with bored eyes. It seems that they were going from one house to another for the whole morning. “She’s upstairs. Excuse me, your highness. I must call her to attend to you.” I said, looking at the prince. He is so gorgeous. He looked at me and nodded.

Before, I could even go upstairs to call my ever-so-wicked stepmother; Lady Tremaine was already in her most fancy gown and hurried herself downstairs with my two evil stepsisters tailing her, Anastasia and Drizelle. Assuming they saw the prince got out from his carriage at the balcony at the top floor, they dashed to the front door nearly stopping and looking at me. I almost tripped at the stairs.

“Fair morning, your highness. What can I do to help you? It’s very rare for monarchy to visit my home.” She said, looking at the prince with a curious stare. “Your majesty has come to know if the person who owns this glass shoe lives in here. If not, say so and we still have a lot of houses to probe. If yes, then say so for we have a wedding to plan at once.” The jester replied while the prince aited and stayed quiet. I was shocked looking at the glass slipper; it looked vaguely familiar to me. And yes, of course, I remember I lost that shoe while I was running for home at the ball. I was running because the clock struck midnight. “May I see?” Lady Tremaine extended her hand to touch the glass slipper. The jester handed it and Lady Tremaine asked Drizella first to try the shoe on since she was the one nearest to her. “It’s no fair! How come she gets to try it on first? Hmp!” Anastasia shouted, acting like a total brat. “Oh hush, darling! You’ll get your chance.” Lady Tremaine gave her a repugnant look. The shoe did not fit Drizella’s foot. Of course, it would not, that slipper is mine. It would only perfectly fit my foot. I smiled at the thought. The glass slipper was a size smaller than Drizella’s, though she tried to make it look like it fit. The prince can tell that it doesn’t so Anastasia got her chance and happily tried the shoe on. The shoe fits her well. I was shocked. But that was mine, how can it be? How could it have fit her? I was dumbfounded and my face full of astonishment and curiosity.

The next day, the town was talking about Prince Charming’s wedding and her bride-to-be. They are all excited, happily chitchatting and getting ready for it. The wedding is in three days. That fast? I asked myself. I reached home, putting the loaves of bread on the table and went upstairs to my room when I heard voices talking from the room at the end of the hallway. “But mother, the shoe is not mine. I never owned a glass slipper before!” Anastasia exclaimed, hearing the sound of her voice, I assume she’s confused with what’s happening and everyone is acting fast about the wedding. “Does it matter, dear? You are about to marry the prince! Now, shut up and try the dress on!” Lady Tremaine said. “If you say so, mother.” I continued to my room and shut the door behind me.

I peered at the window and into the busy street, there are lots of people walking, swaying there dresses back and forth, hearing the noise makes me want to imprison myself inside the room. “What’s the problem, dear?” The fairy godmother that gave me everything that night, suddenly appeared in front of me. “That’s suppose to be me, godmother, the bride, I mean. I’ve been admiring the prince for so long now, even before the ball.” I told her, a tear escaping my eye. If I were to marry the prince, I would be free. Free to try things on my own, free to wander around, free to explore. I would not be locked in this house anymore, doing things that hurt my back, scrubbing floors and mopping hallways. If I were to be married to the prince, my life as a servant would be over. That’s all I ever wanted. And yet, fate doesn’t seem to agree to me. “The why don’t you tell him, darling? Tell him that it is you. Tell him that you own the slipper.” She said with voice full of concern. “I can’t. Well, not anymore, he’s marrying Anastasia and the whole town knows. I couldn’t just make a scene.” I told her. “Well, if you really want to marry him and be free, you’ve got no other choice. And besides, if he really wants to get married to the owner of the glass slipper, he would’ve recognized her even if she were dressed in a servant’s clothing.” She said, not looking at me but scanning the room. The place is small. Just right for one person to spend the night on her own. Very small that only a small bed, a side table with a lamp, a sewing machine and a small dresser fits in it. “I am sure, dear, that once he hears your voice, he will notice you and will know that you are the true owner of the slipper. Do it if you have the chance before it is too late.” She kissed my forehead and vanished, leaving glitters of silver and blue in the air. Oh, I wish she were right; I’m so tired of this life. I think I deserve something better.

After two days or so I thought, I heard Anastasia crying downstairs. Whining and stomping, “Why does he have to humiliate me like that, mother!” She cried, I went down and looked at what is happening. “He is a bastard, darling. Do not mind him. You will find another groom soon.” Lady Tremaine comforted her daughter and looked at me as I went down to fetch the breakfast. “Hey, Cinderella. Arrange the bathroom and draw Anastasia a hot, bubble bath. She is in a devastated state today. Hurry up!” She snapped. “What happened to you, sister? Goodness, you look like a stack of hay with horse dung!” Drizella comforted. “I was interviewed by the prince, asking me stupid questions about the night that we dance at the ball. Of course, I wasn’t the one he’s been dancing with so I didn’t know what to say. After the interview, he decided that I wasn’t the one he was looking for and told his servants to cancel the wedding. He is so insensitive!” Anastasia angrily accused. I smiled to myself, feeling a bit lighter and a bit hopeful.

A month has passed since that heart breaking story of Anastasia had happened. She had moved on and so did the whole family. I woke up feeling exhausted. I remembered I have to go to the market to buy some Salmon and vegetables for lunch. I walked at the alley, it is seven o’clock in the morning and a few had started their day by going to the market just like me. While I was checking out fresh vegetable in a stall near the gates of the market, stray horses came running by and hits everything that’s on their way. Everyone is screaming, running at different directions and I did the same. Trying to hide from the screaming crowd and the drifting horses, I went straight at the riverbank at the back of the church a little far away from the market place. It was the safest place I could think of. And I also spend a lot of time here, thinking of what ifs and what to do with my life, if I ever have one. Then I saw a man behind a tree, playing the violin, solemnly performing a piece of Franz Schubert, which is Ave Maria, if I was correct. The music is good to the ears and makes me want to just listen to it forever. I closed my eyes and hummed along when I stopped hearing the music. I opened my eyes again and saw him looking at me, “I-I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to distract you or…” I looked at him closely and realized that he is Prince Charming, not dressed in his royal clothes but with simple jeans, a simple shirt. He looked almost normal to me, except that he has bluish-gray eyes, perfectly shaped lips, tousled hair and a fine, lean body build. His face is perfect and my heart melts with the sight of him. “It’s okay, I was just letting time pass. And this territory isn’t mine, so no need to explain why you’re here.” The price said, smiling. “I’m still really sorry prince, I didn’t notice you. If I did, I would not have come.” I said, blushing, as he looks right at me. “You were humming a while ago, do you know that song? Can you sing while I play the violin?” he asked. “Uh, of course, prince, if that is what you please.” I answered back and stood straight for my voice to come out at its best. Then he started to play and I sang:

Ave Maria! Maiden mild!
Listen to a maiden’s prayer!
Thou canst hear though from the wild,
Thou canst save amid despair.
Safe may we sleep beneath thy care,
Though banish’d, outcast and reviled –
Maiden! hear a maiden’s prayer;
Mother, hear a suppliant child!
Ave Maria!


He stopped playing, I looked at him, and he is looking straight at me, “Have you happened to have gone to the ball last Saturday night, lady?” he asked. Confused, I answered, “Yes sire, I was at the ball.” “You look indistinctly familiar.” He looked away, staring at the river. I felt sad, he couldn’t remember me, “You know, I have danced with a girl, a fine young woman, about our age. She said she loves the nature so much, she said she loves orchids, daisies and chamomiles. I could remember she loves music; she listens to Chopin, Schubert, Beethoven and other classical musicians. She has blonde hair, a slender figure, sharp facial features and she…” He drifted off and looked at me, looked at me with eyes so curious and confused. “Can she possibly… be… you, lady?” he asked. I didn’t answer, for I did not know what to say, I fear he’ll hate me for not telling him at once. “Tell me at once, please. The lady who I thought owned the shoe because it fits her well, I had doubts with her, and I don’t think she’s the girl I’m looking for. I do not feel the same way like I did before, like I do now.” He paused, “She is you, is it? The girl I’m looking for this whole time?” I looked at him again. “Yes, prince. I meant to tell you but after my stepsister has fitted the shoe, you jester announced marriage already and the people who are listening outside, cheered. I could not stop a moment of joy, like that so I went upstairs to my room instead and waited for you to leave.” I confessed. “I knew it. I saw you here in the river; this is a part of nature. I smell chamomile extracts while you were singing and you knew the lyrics of Schubert’s Ave Maria. You have the same features as the lady in the blue gown whom I danced with has. You are the one I’m searching for.” He walked near me and held my face into his hands. “I have found you.” He hugged me and I awkwardly hugged him back. I was dreaming about this for the whole time. When I look outside and saw his carriage pass by, I go deeper into my feelings and had the urge to tell him, to expose myself to him and to everyone. When I am alone, I daydream about us. I look into the sky and see out future together. Oh God, I couldn’t believe that I am with him now. “Let us go back now. I have to announce this to everyone and have our wedding arranged.” He smiled and I agreed. We rode at the back of his horse and into his castle.

The next day was a hard one for me, he told the King and Queen about me and they were not happy to know that the prince found me. Who would be? I am a servant. I do not own anything nor am I known to anyone. I am a lowly human being to their eyes. As I marched towards them at the court, they looked at me with judgmental eyes. I swallowed hard, not looking at either of them. I fixed my stare at the red carpet before me and kept my head bowed down. “Mother, Father, this is Cinderella. The woman whom I wish to marry.” He smiled half-heartedly and I returned it to him. “The name explains it all, I see.” The queen said, smirking. “Mother, do not speak to her that way…” the prince said, looking at his mother with anger-filled eyes. “Or what, darling? Have me killed by OUR soldiers? Please, Charming, do you really think we’ll accept her as your bride?” She asked. It was all too fast for me to suck it all in. The words she had said and the words she has yet to say. I swallowed hard, again, tears forming at the back of my eyes. “Mother, please. You have to know that I love her and she was the girl I have been searching for.” The prince pleaded. “No, dear. She isn’t royalty. Haven’t studied at all. What can she contribute to us? To our family? To our kingdom? Please, Charming, get her out of this room. I’ve grown tired of your little games. I told you not to search for that woman already but you kept on looking. It is now my turn to show you your bride. Tomorrow, she will be here. Princess Kaia will come over and meet you personally. It is rare for such a princess to do that.” She stopped, looked at me and smiled evilly. “Now bring that girl, to the kitchen, where she belongs.” “Father…” he looked at the King, but he just looked away. He didn’t want to contradict his son’s feelings but he knows better if he opposes his wife’s decisions. Prince Charming is angry, I can feel it, and he grabbed my hand and pulled me close. I wanted to say something but I can’t find my voice. It’s as if I was deaf and mute at the same time. “Fine. Do as you wish. If you do not like her here then we shall both leave. I’m not staying here and letting here go. I’ve looked everywhere to find her and I must stay with her until the end of time.” We walked together outside the room, hand in hand. “Charming.” The queen called. “Charming! Charming, get back here!” I didn’t look back but something tell me it wouldn’t be a good sight.

We left the palace and ran away, going in another village. He is still known as the prince and he has a lot of money so it wasn’t hard for us to find a shelter. Charming had established a small business for our family’s income. He had thought of selling rice and oil, the main ingredients of people’s foods so a lot of buyers had come to us. We have enough to survive and have fun. We lived together in a normal-sized house, which he wasn’t used to because it was smaller than his old room in the castle and I wasn’t used to it either because it was bigger than my older room at my stepmother’s house. We got married, have 2 kids, both girls named Cindy and Charmaine and lived happily ever after.


The End.