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So earlier today, we had our advance trick or treat at our condominium, we have a small neighborhood full of little kids from ages eight (8) and below. It was a very fun event, I must say. The little kids are all dressed up and are wearing their costumes for the entire program. We opened our registration at 2pm and as expected the families will come in later than the call time. There was also the problem of late registrations which causes the loot bags to be outnumbered. And of course, we, me, my brother and my sister, were the only people at the registration area, we were also outnumbered by the guests. Being one of the registration people, it’s hard to handle 3 families with 3 children each.

But the joy of the kids as they enter and go up to the second floor of the club house, where the program was being held, was, nonetheless, priceless. Their smiles and laughters are sounds of music to my ears. I love it when they shout out of happiness for just getting a bag of candies. Really, that was the cutest happening while I was writing a name at a party stub.

There were different costumes, some are superheroes like Captain America, Superman, A girl version of Spiderman and the pinoy superhero, Darna. Some are Disney princesses like Belle and Snow White. Some are animals like a cat, a zebra, a tiger and a horse. Some are western dressed such as cowboys. The babies, who were to young to walk, were carried by their parents. It was nice to see that the parents are willing to accompany their children, just so they can attend the trick or treat.

Happy Halloween, people! Scare the crap out of your siblings and ask candies from your parents! Let’s all make this a happy and memorable Halloween!