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Okay, so I heard the news about Westlife disbanding. I wasn’t really believing they would coz they were like famous for fourteen years and made very nice songs so I googled it if it is true, sadly, it is. I am not Westlife’s biggest fan but I adore them. I love their songs. I prolly grew up listening to them and A1, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone and NSync, all boy bands, instead of the girl groups such as Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child etc. But I think their time was enough, yeah? They’ve made lots of good songs and those are still remembered. I have friends who prefer to sing their songs instead of Lady Gaga’s or Pitbull’s or The Jonas Brothers’. They’ve already done what their goal is and I think it’s time for them to settle down and do whatever each of them wants. To be disbanded means to part ways but it doesn’t mean we should forget about them, or they, themselves, forget about each other and the songs they wrote, the controversies they faced and the fans they shared. Well, for me, I think it’s just a matter of growing up.

So I’m sharing a few facts about the group to commemorate their group’s existence before. We should all, uh, reminisce their good songs and appreciate what they contributed in the field of music and probably affected other people’s life by making it the choice of song that would relate to themselves for all time.

Band name: Westlife

Date established: July 3, 1998

Members: Nick Byrne

                   Kian Egan

                        Mark Feehily

                       Shane Fillan

                                                        Brian McFadden (left at 2004)

Signed by: Simon Cowell

Managed by: Louis Walsh

Genre: Pop

Origin: Sligo and Dublin, Ireland

Famous songs: Swear it again

                             If I Let You Go

                      Fool Again

                 My Love

                         Uptown Girl



                                  You Raise Me Up

                                          Us Against the World

So there! I hope I shared enough. This post is for them. Time to end this. I shall listen to their songs and wish them well. Bye!