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Title: The Lightning Thief

(Book #1 in Percy Jackson and the Olympians series)

Writers: Craig Titley

Directed By: Chris Columbus

Producers: Karen Rosenfelt, Chris Columbus, Michael Barnathan, Mark Radcliffe

Release Date: February 12, 2010

Budget: $95million

My review:

So, it wasn’t as I expected. It was really different from the book. I must say I’m quite disappointed with it. I love the book, every little detail of it. They changed the movie, it was like it was never adapted from a book. Okay, so the story line was there, Percy being suspected as the lightning thief and he has this quest to pursue and he kind of hates Poseidon for not being there but other details were lost. Where was Clarisse? I wanted to see her in action. Where was the part where Grover had to put the shoes on and be dragged to the Titan’s loom? It was supposed to be done when they were at the underworld. Where was the part where Percy should’ve been claimed by Poseidon when he fell in the water because Clarisse beat him up in his first day in Camp? The part where Hermes gave him some stuffs to survive? Yes, he did that and the people who wasn’t able to read the series but watch this wouldn’t be seeing Hermes anymore. A lot was missing. What were they thinking? The book is amazing and it will always be but the movie frustrates me. I didn’t watch it before because I haven’t read the books yet and the story might be spoiled. And good thing I didn’t watch it before I read, coz I’ll be damn confused with the story. So yeah, I like the book better.

Why do they have to change it? I mean, they ruined the story line. Now how would they introduce Clarisse on the next movie? She’s got quite a part and the movie couldn’t go on without her. Or are they not thinking of making another movie? Oh no. No. No. No. No! I want more Logan Lerman LOL

Logan Lerman

Isn’t he a cutie? he’s just my age LOL Okay, seriously, I think he suits being Percy Jackson. He looks innocent, sweet and young. Although he was 17 or 18 when he filmed The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson should’ve been 12 years of age. He’s kind of over the border but who cares? He portrayed him well. And besides, they changed everything so might as well change the age, yeah? LOL Yes, I’m a bit bitter about it. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is one of my favorite series’ of all time. Who would want it if they read Harry Potter and erased Draco and released it on the big screen like he never existed at all? Unfair, correct? Anyway, don’t mind my ranting, I’ll move on in a day or two.

This is so not going to my favorite movie list but at least Logan Lerman got on my cutest-actors-list! LOL And mind you, the acting was all too good. Well portrayed, well acted and well done. Everything about the cinematography is great. The places, the costumes, the Camp Half-Blood, the Gods and Goddesses, the casting of Logan LOL Okay stop, I’m having a slight crush on him. DON’T JUDGE ME. Ha! Anyway, it’s just the changing of the story that disappointed me, other than that, the movie was good.

Ha! I was browsing for another picture of Logan Lerman and I read that there will be an adaptation of The Sea of Monsters on 2013! Yes hurray? Or no hurray? We’ll see about that. I’ll still watch it and critic! LOL Okay, just some more picture of him:

Sorry guy readers, for posting too much pictures of Logan Lerman. I just can’t help it. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂