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Title: Pride and Prejudice

Writers: Deborah Moggach

Directed By: Joe Wright

Producers: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Paul Webster

Release Date: September 11, 2005

Budget: $28million

My review:

This was my first time to watch Pride and Prejudice. It is very classy, very appropriate, very conservative and very… passionate. It was all there, the thing about looking for a husband, the part where the people fall in love and the part where they propose but there wasn’t a single kissing scene, well, except when Lizzie kissed Jane’s forehead LOL That IS a scene involving a kiss, so yeah, whatever.

Okay, so basically it was set in the early 1900s where everyone must get married for them to provide food, shelter and comfort for themselves. It doesn’t really matter if you’re in love with the person you’re going to marry. What matters most is you settle down, have a family of your own and be content. Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t think that way, I guess she has always dreamt of being married with the guy she loves or not get married at all. She seems to be a witty, intelligent, lively and playful young lady. She isn’t in search of a man. She and her sister attended a dance in order to meet gentlemen, there she and her family met the wealthy, snobbish, doesn’t-care-about-the-world-kind-of-guy, Mr. Darcy.

The ever so snobbish and handsome, Mr. Darcy. *clap clap*

So they met Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley at the dance. Her eldest sister, Jane, fell in love with Mr. Bingley. They were supposed to be engaged but unfortunately he has to go out of town and wasn’t able to say goodbye to her. Lizzie learned that the reason behind Mr. Bingley leaving, was Mr. Darcy. And also, Mr. Wickham, a soldier she met, had said that he was left unfortunate and no money and was forced to be an officer because Mr. Darcy had taken his inheritance from Mr. Darcy’s father who treated him also as his son. Because of the things she heard, she hated him, judging him before knowing him personally and when he confessed his feelings and asked her hand for marriage, she turned him down.

Elizabeth knows deep inside that she was in love with him as well but she clung to her knowledge of him being the bad guy, judged him and was able to refuse his offer already and so she kept it to herself. Later on, she learned that Mr. Wickham had only spent the money of his inheritance in gambling, the very reason that Mr. Darcy took away his share. And also, when she learned that when her flirtatious sister, Lydia, has ran away with Mr. Wickham and got married, she was surprised to know that Mr. Darcy sponsored their wedding and was there to witness it. And a few days passed and Mr. Bingley went back to town, visited their home and asked Jane’s hand for marriage, she said yes. Realizing what just happened, Lizzie regretted it all. Mr. Darcy had reasons of his own and she was wrong, leaving him with his better judgement. But still, the story wouldn’t be complete if they weren’t together at the end, would it? So he asked her again, and at that time she said “You’re hands are cold” LOL It must mean, ”YES”.

So, Lizzie is a girl full of spirit and intelligence. She tends to judge people on how she hears about them. Nothing’s really wrong, I mean, you, yourself, are like that, yeah? She doesn’t know him. What she sees and what she hears about him is what she gets. That’s how it is in their time. No getting to know stage, just straight off to marriage. I love the characters in the story. I love Lizzie and her sisters, I love Mr. Darcy, everyone. They should’ve focused on the run of their relationship though. I feel like I barely knew Mr. Darcy. Well, not that I have to know him but it all revolving around Lizzie. I mean, how did she fall in love with him? When? What part of the story did she knew she was thinking of him and she was in love with him? I didn’t feel it. They didn’t even spend time with each other, alone. Yet, the movie is splendid. Nice houses, nice settings, nice choice of actors and actresses and nice costumes! Ohhh, I’ve wanted to wear something like that but I don’t think it’ll look good on me coz I’m fat and Asian. Not that I’m against being an asian, I just think that the dresses would suit Europeans more LOL So yea, nice movie! Classic!

Here are the Bennet sisters: (Lydia, Katherine, Elizabeth, Jane and Mary)