Okay, so I was browsing my Facebook page and went through one of my mom’s notes. I opened and reread it and got a bit emotional. Here’s what the note says:

“My Last Will

In one parent’s recollection I attended, the speaker forced us to write our Last Will LOL! So here it goes. I would have written a longer note but time was restricted!


To my kids- remember that I love you so much and you are the only reason why I strive so hard working and doing my best as your mother because I want to give you all the things that you need. When I am gone I want you to continue taking care of each other and make sure that you guide one another in dealing with life. Make sure you have a gathering or reunions even if you already have your own family. And if one of you are having challenges or difficulties in life, always be there to support each other and offer your time. In the same manner if you become successful in your life, always share your happiness and blessings with each other. I am the happiest mom in the world because I know I raised you loving your family. Whatever we have in our family always do the same thing to your own children and impart to them what you have learned from me and from each other. Remember that Mama loves you so much !”

And I love you so much too, mama. I don’t know where I’ll be without you. You made me and kept me with you until this very moment. I am very thankful that I have a mom like you, who is always there for me and my siblings and is doing everything for us. You are so unselfish. I can’t remember a moment that you put yourself first. You prioritized us and made us your life. So I’m really sorry for being stubborn and lazy. I just don’t find things that pique my interest and so I haven’t had anything productive to do. I didn’t mean to be like that, please understand. I don’t have long term plans yet, so that’s why I act so impulsively and irresponsibly. I’m sorry if I’m being too ‘magastos’ and for not valuing money and asking for too many things. I won’t ask for too much anymore. I’m sorry for failing some of my subjects, I didn’t want that. I just didn’t know how to do and finish the requirements. I’m sorry if I talk back when you try to tell me what’s wrong and when you scold me, I just get frustrated when somebody shouts at me. The moment after I shout back, I regret doing it. I’m so sorry. And thank you, thank you for giving us love and for raising us the right way. I promise to raise my children like the way you did to us. You’ll always be my role model. Please bear with us a little more, have more patience. I will repay all your goodness in the future, I’ll take care of you when you’re old and when you can’t walk I’ll be your cane, when you can’t eat, I’ll feed you, when you can’t hear anymore, I’ll repeat what I just said ten more times if needed, when you can’t read what’s in front of you, I’ll be your eyes, I’ll have patience with you just like what you had when we were still young. I’ll always be here for you, like you’ve always been there for me. I love you, mama.

LOL Don’t be so touched, poopy. I was bored and got nothing to do, so I’m exposing your picture! Ha!