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Title: 10 Things I Hate About You

Writers: Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith

Directed By: Gil Junger

Producers: Andrew Lazar

Release Date: March 31, 1999

Budget: $16million

My review:


LOL I don’t know how to start reviewing this awesome movie. So I’ll start with the four main characters.

Julia Stiles: I liked her ever since I watched ‘The Prince and Me’ when I was like 12. She’s pretty and she acts well. I really like some of her films, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum and Save the Last Dance. She portrays Kat Stratford, a very straightforward, smart and obviously a feminist. She somehow hates dating and an anti-social and she seems to hate boys. One reason will be told when you watch the movie! LOL I love her smart ass and her love for books, her physical appearance, she’s really pretty and thin! And just her plain cool personality. She is my most favorite character in this film!

Heath Ledger: Okay, this one is a cool guy. He didn’t strike me as handsome at first because I do not like guys with long hair or hair that hang below their ears but as I was watching the film, I can see he is really hot and I mean, really really really hot LOL! He struck me as the bad boy kind and so that was bonus points. I also love his character, Patrick Verona, he’s a badass and a sweetheart as well, intimidating and of course, manly. He knows how to make Kat laugh and knows how to say sorry when he committed a mistake. That’s how every relationship should go.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: He’s cute. I liked him in this film and in 500 days of Summer. He portrays Cameron James, a sweet and delicate character. Most likely to be mistaken as one of the nerds or geeks but no, really, he’s just a typical high school boy. He pursues Bianca and I think he’s crush on her is pretty cute. Like a typical high school student, yeah? He learned French for her, told anybody that called her a ‘spoiled princess’ that she wasn’t all that and there’s more to her than what they think and he did everything just to get her to date him. THAT, is what I call effort. Plus points for him, though I’m still on Patrick Verona’s team LOL

Larisa Oleynik: Her character’s name is Bianca Stratford, Kat’s younger sister. So she’s my least favorite of all four main characters. She’s a brat and she wants to get everything her way. She’d force her sister to go to prom even though she knows that it’s not her forte. Selfishness, I know. But still, she’s cute and she’s young, might as well spoil her and make her life like a princess’. She just had her lesson when she knew what Joey wanted with her. But she went out just fine with Cameron. She’s better off with him in the first place.

So overall, I loved the movie! Oh, did I mention it was one of my favorite movies ever? Yeah, thought so. It’s awesome and sweet and romantic. Ooooh, how I loved it when Patrick sang “Can’t take my eyes off of you” at the soccer field! I know, spoiler. Sorry! I can’t help it. He looked stupid but who cares? He’s sweet and he did that for Kat. Who wouldn’t forgive you when you’ve done that?

And Kat and Bianca’s dad was really strict. I’m glad my parents weren’t like that. But they were filthy rich and they et what they want, I guess it was only a father’s instinct to be like that when you have two daughters and no wife LOL And I hate Joey Donner, such an asshole. He only wants to hook up and get laid. STOP! If I don’t get to stop ranting about Joey, I’d take up 15 mins of your time reading this, so I’ll stop. So now, watch the movie and react with your senses LOL I got a bit teary eyed when Kat cried at the near ending. So yeah, watch it! Bye!