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Okay, so I haven’t met the man personally and now I surely will not be able to run to him accidentally in the United States in the future. It was said in an article that I read that “he died peacefully surrounded by his family”. With that I felt happy for him, at least he didn’t experienced a brutally planned death, he died with his family, the people he cared for, the people he loved the most. His soul should be left in peace.

Steve Jobs is truly an icon. A genius when it comes to our modern time technology. We have him to thank for for our ipods, ipads, iphones, macbooks, apple earphones etc. He gave these things to us. He made it possible for us to experience touch screened phones that can be installed with games. He gave us virus-free laptops and don’t forget to mention, thin, easy to bring laptops. He diverted our attention from mp4s to ipods. Okay, let us say it’s a little bit pricey and chances are you’ve gotta save to buy one of his products but hey, it’s all worth it. The products are at its best and are easy to use. No one complains.

He is a great loss and I must say, he died young. 56 isn’t an age you’d like to die. You can still do plenty of things, jog with your grandchildren, shop with you wife or even design another new product. He wouldn’t be able to do these things now but we all know he did a great job when he was living. He must be okay with that and we too shall be content with it. And of course, there are still people running the Apple Inc. Yeah? We should just leave everything to them and hope they’re as great as Steve Jobs. I think, he wouldn’t want his company to be ruined by morons so he must’ve left it to good hands.

Let’s just hope for the best and pray for his soul. Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. You’ll truly be remembered. Your inventions will be used until the younger generations have grown and have they’re own children. And your ideas will ever be the greatest. Thank you. Thank you for letting us experience modern-day technology.