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Title: Step Up 3

Writers: Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer

Directed By: Jon Chu

Producers: Patrick Wachsberger, Erik Feig, Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot

Release Date: August 6, 2010

Budget: $30million

My review:

Okay, so I watched it again, for the nth time in Star Movies with my brother and mom and thought of making a review about it.

Other than the dance steps, the killer moves, the amazing back flips, the unbelievable jumps stunts, I didn’t like most part of the story. Well, it all revolved in dancing, it should. But I didn’t like that Luke ordered Moose around like he was his personal bodyguard. Seriously, Moose went to New York University to study but since he couldn’t get his heart to stop beating for dancing he joined Luke’s crew. It all went well. Until Luke made him come to a battle when he was having an exam. He was so demanding. Doesn’t he care if Moose fails or not? Maybe not, it wasn’t his future.

And also when he needed to attend Natalie’s birthday party. Moose had to attend a halloween party with his best friend too. What did Luke do? He asked him to come with him at the party and promised to bring him back before the halloween party starts. And of course, Moose, being a super nice guy, didn’t turn him down and missed his own party to attend. Jeeeez, what an insensitive Luke.

And Julien, is pathetic. Having all this trouble to tell Luke “In your face!”. Does he really have to buy the place where Luke’s crew was staying? Just to get revenge of kicking him out? Oh myyy. Not a good idea. At the first place, it was his fault he got kicked out. Yeah? His revenge is petty, the reasoning is too shallow.

So, my favorite character would be Moose. He’s too good of a dancer and a smart ass. I like the combination. I also liked the part where he asked for a double major. Cool. More time for Luke to drag him elsewhere LOL but I must say that the moves are awesome. I wish I could dance like that. I just wish LOL I should just stick to singing.