I admit, I am not skilled nor talented. I couldn’t make my professors jump out of joy when passing an assignment or a painting or a photograph. I could draw well. I couldn’t paint, at all. I couldn’t take photos very well. I couldn’t play any instruments. I couldn’t make my mom or dad feel proud about me. I couldn’t give them such wonderful grades.  Sorry I am not talented.

I admit, I am not smart. I couldn’t get a grade higher that 87 when I was in high school. I couldn’t get in the Dean’s List in my College. I couldn’t pass all my exams and I couldn’t top in class. I’ve got smarter friends, and I envy them. How come I wasn’t born as studious as they are? In any way, Sorry I am not smart.

I admit, I am not flawless. Outside. I’ve got pimples. I am fat. I’ve got a big nose. I’ve got a low hairline and it makes me look so hairy. And my feet are flat. I am tan. Sorry I am not flawless.

I admit, I am not a Supermodel-type-of-girl. I am not skinny. I am not blonde. I don’t wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie and I don’t do catwalks. I couldn’t even walk a ‘model walk’. I am not fierce. I don’t have the perfect smile. I don’t have the perfect cheekbones. I am not that tall. Sorry I am not a Supermodel-type-of-girl.

I admit, I am not active enough. I do not play sports. I do not climb mountains. I do not surf. I wanted to go to the gym but I’m always not in the mood. I’m tardy. Sorry I am not active enough.

And lastly, I admit, I am not perfect. No one is. I couldn’t make someone fall in love with me for the first time walking in front of him. I couldn’t even make my crush fall in love with me. I couldn’t please anybody with just one smile and I couldn’t let others favor me. Sorry I am not perfect…

And so are you. We’ve got differences and flaws. All of us. Nobody’s born perfect. Some are good looking, tall, perfect on the outside but on the inside they rot. Some are ugly on the outside but on the inside they seem to be little angels, so nice and so delicate. People judge, that’s how life goes. Physically, you’re unattractive then they don’t like you. They never have given a chance to let you prove yourself. Physically, you’re pretty, hot and what everyone liked to see but then you’re attitude isn’t as pretty as your face. People tend to be friends to those who they think looks perfect. They do not look deeper. What if this person that you befriended suddenly meets an accident on his/her way home and destroyed their precious faces, will you still stay with them and be their friend?

Accepting someone’s flaws isn’t hard. You just gotta know the person and critique them silently, in yourself. No need to tell them that they don’t look attractive to you. You might just hurt their feelings. And you only have to accept. You don’t have to change them. Changing is hard.

In my case, I may not be talented, smart, flawless, active and perfect but I could still do some stuffs that makes me happy. I’m half introvert, half extrovert. I like hanging out with friends, chilling in a coffee shop, walking around the mall but I do not like staying in bars and partying too much. I like reading books. I even wanted to write my own story. I like writing. I like swimming. I like walking alone, it makes me feel comfortable. And I like blogging, this way I could let my feelings out without hurting anybody.

So yeah, nobody is perfect. Don’t act like your too beautiful and don’t act like you’re too smart. We all have our limitations. Maybe you’ve got the brains and the looks but you lack the attitude. Or jumble those three, it would be the same. You’re still not perfect. Anyways, accept you not-so-perfect friends, hang a lot and do fun stuffs. It’s worth the try.