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Title: The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series #4)

Author: Rick Riordan

Release date: May 6, 2008

Publisher: Disney Hyperion Books

Cover Artist: John Rocco

Genres: Science Fiction / Young Adult / Greek Myth

Pages: 361

ISBN: 1423101464

Summary (from Goodreads):

Percy Jackson’s fourth summer at Camp Half-Blood is much like his previous three—high-octane clashes with dark forces, laced with hip humor and drama. Opening with a line for the ages—The last thing I wanted to do on my summer break was blow up another school—this penultimate series installment finds Percy, Annabeth and the satyr Grover furiously working to prevent former camp counselor Luke from resurrecting the Titan lord Kronos, whose goal is to overthrow the gods. When the heroes learn that Luke can breach Camp Half-Blood’s security through an exit from Daedalus’s Labyrinth, they enter the maze in search of the inventor and a way to stop the invasion. Along the way they encounter a lifetime supply of nightmare-inducing, richly imagined monsters. Grover’s own quest to find the lost god Pan, meanwhile, provides a subtle environmental message. Percy, nearly 15, has girl trouble, having become something of a chick magnet. One of Riordan’s strengths is the wry interplay between the real and the surreal. When the heroes find Hephaestus, for instance, he’s repairing a Toyota, wearing overalls with his name embroidered over the chest pocket. The wit, rousing swordplay and breakneck pace will once again keep kids hooked.

My Review:

Well, after updating my status a while ago in school. I’ve been busy listening to my prof and talking to my classmates about how to do the seatwork. And so after class I’ve had the time to write a short review about this book.

So this is my least favorite book among the four (haven’t read The Last Olympian yet). Aside from it being a super action packed book, all wars and battles, I find it pitiful that Percy couldn’t tell Annabeth how he feels toward her and also Annabeth being selfish and insensitive the whole time. Obviously, Percy likes her and he’s struggling to tell her how he feels but he lacks the moment and the chance and so he is left hanging with words unspoken while Annabeth couldn’t get over with Luke being a traitor. I know it’s hard to accept that your once friend had turned his back on you but it’s there, it is happening in front of her and she keeps on insisting that Luke wouldn’t do it to her and Thalia. But he is doing it and she is blinded by their friendship and couldn’t see what Luke has given and what he can do for Kronos.

And also, I hate the council, the one that didn’t believe Grover that he found Pan (The God of the Wild), they gave him searcher’s license to find the God and now that he found the God and told him to tell them the news that he is dead, they wouldn’t believe him? I mean, what is the purpose in setting Grover in this life-ending mission and when he has succeeded thy wouldn’t believe him? Annoying as it is and it continued on even if the council meeting was adjourned because they keep on insisting that Grover must be exiled. Talk about stubbornness, yeah?

On the other side of the book, I liked how Nico Di Angelo turned from bad to good. Well,not really good but at least he had forgiven Percy and accepted that his sister’s death isn’t his fault. And accepted that Bianca shall stay where she is and should not be reborn. I also liked the part where Daedalus and Briares entered the battle scene and helped Camp Half-Blood. They were great. Especially Daedalus who had given his own life to destroy the maze and delay Kronos’ plan of sabotaging the camp.

And.. I didn’t really know if I’ll get annoyed or be happy that Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Percy’s mortal friend who can see through the mist, are with them. To be honest, she has been really helpful to Percy and Annabeth’s quest and I like Percy and Annabeth together, as a couple, and she seems to be putting a gap between the two. So I think, I just got an answer and decided to not like her at all.

So yeah, overall, the book is good but I liked the first ones better. I hope the last book would be the best among the books.