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I’m becoming closer to books these days. I’ve read a lot and hopefully will read more. I like fiction, it makes me draw more attention to fantasies and makes me imagine a world far from reality. I would like to live somewhere with Vampires as good as Edward Cullen, Fallen Angels as handsome as Daniel and Cam, Casters as complicated as Lena Duchannes. These are some of the fictional characters that I’ve read about. They make me want to meet someone of their kind. In fact, after reading Twilight on my third year in high school, I wanted to be one. Ha! Ha! Lame I know but, I wanted to be somewhere exciting and thrilling, other than our present world. I wanted to have weird friends and witness amazing powers with my own eyes. I wanted to live through days with exciting happenings, to open my eyes after a tiring night. To look forward and to find a path worth tackling. And to fight for the one I love, literally.

Reading fiction feeds my mind with a huge amount of imagination. I sometimes want to write my own story (and I’m working on it) and I sometimes think that when I open the door of my closet, there’d be a different world. I like the idea that there are hidden Narnian’s in our world, perfect men like Daniel, Edward, Dimitri, Peeta, Patch and a flawless life. Though I know it’s impossible, I certainly would continue to dream on.

Well, I never would have wanted to see a real vampire beside me, glowing and with eyes of gold. All I wanted to exist in our world is a handsome guy with white complexion and dirty blonde hair that has the ability to protect you from harm and has pure heart who’ll love you so dearly. Is this not existing anymore?  Is there anyone in this round world who is as perfect as Daniel Grigori in Fallen?

The answer is none. Of course, nobody’s perfect. I’m also not perfect, I’ve got flaws. We are all living in a world of imperfections yet we only allow our eyes to see beauty. Fair enough, that is exactly what I’m talking about! reading fiction makes me dream. I love dreaming, even if it’s at night or in a classroom or in the car. I just love dreaming. So I’d suggest you guys read fiction/fantasy books to boost your imaginations. It’s not bad to dream and think of a perfect life. Sometimes, you’ve got to feel it on your own to call it perfect. Nobody can tell you what perfect is. If it’s perfect for you then it’s perfect, finish. Nobody can tell you that there isn’t a perfect life or we all have to suffer first before you have one. Oh well, dream big!




Live. Laugh. Love.